Hematopoietic Stem Cells

The objective of our HSC research is to understand the wiring of signal transduction pathways in the hematopoietic stem cells (HSC) with the aim of optimizing ex vivo culture and viral transduction. To achieve this, we are studying the effects of Wnt and Notch signals in HSC and the interaction of HSC with the bone marrow niche. To do so, we use genetical models that modulate the Wnt (Conditional Apc knockouts) and Notch pathways(conditional RbpjK knockouts and viral expression of NotchICD), retroviral transductions and cell sorting of purified HSC of human and mouse origin. We subsequently look at the effects of these modulations on gene expression, survival and function of HSC.

Techniques used include:

  • Genetic or conditional knockout mouse models (Apc, Wnt3a, RbpjK)
  • Retro- or lentiviral expression of transgenes
  • Cell sorting by FACS
  • mRNA expression measurements (qPCR, microarray, RNASeq)
  • Lentiviral DNA barcoding

Relevant publications: