T cells

T lymphocytes are the most important cells of the adaptive immune system and develop in the thymus. A wide variety of signals is responsible for proper development of stem cells into T lymphocytes. Amongst these signals, Notch and Wnt signals are very important. Our lab showed for the first time e that Wnt signaling is required for T cell development in the thymus. We study both human and mouse development in vivo and in vitro.

Techniques used include:

  • Genetic or conditional knockout mouse models (Tcf1 ko, Apc flox, Wnt3a KO, RbpjK flox, novel Notch and Wnt reporters)
  • Models for transplantation of human stem cells (NSG)
  • Retro- or lentiviral expression of transgenes
  • Cell sorting by FACS
  • mRNA expression measurements (qPCR, microarray, RNASeq)
  • 12-color flow cytometry
  • TCR and BCR repertoire assessment

We have previously published a gene expression analysis of human T cell differentiation stages (Dik, Pike-Overzet et al.) for which we have made the data available and browsable here.

Relevant publications: